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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Running with friends

Vic, Me, Suzanne & Nora - Ogden Marathon 2005

Most of the time I end up running alone because of time and location constraints. Occasionally, I am able to join a group run but a lot of the time get left in the dust on those runs because I am so slow.

I love running with my friend Leslie because we have a similar pace. Today, a group of us got together for a 10 mile run on the Jordan River Parkway. It was a beautiful run - not too hot, not too cool. In other words, JUST RIGHT.

Me and Leslie - Park City 2007

There is something about running with someone else that is hard to describe if you have never experienced it. You can talk about subjects that you would possibly never talk to someone else about and relax and enjoy conversation and kidding that we so often miss in our hectic life.

Some of my past running/walking buddies have been Virginia A, Vic M, Nora W, my son Kevin, Leslie, and the running group from Striders.

Now I have the opportunity to make new friends and am looking forward to it.

Fast Running Bloggers - 11/1/2009 - Jordan River Parkway

Me, Leslie, Marion - Enjoying those Fall colors


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