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Saturday, November 22, 2008

30 Days of Thanksgiving - Day 22

I ran for 16 miles today and am really grateful for Saturdays and for long runs. Long runs can be extremely different (most of the time) from the daily runs and I like the differences. These can include:
  • A chance to increase mileage. Long runs are typically the longest run of the week and give you the chance to push your limits. Particularly when you are gearing up for your first marathon, this run gives you the chance to get into double digits, break the half marathon point, break into the 20+ mile range, etc.
  • Long runs are typically followed by rest days. I really like rest days (even though they are sometimes very restless days).
  • There is a satisfaction that comes from completing a successful long run that you just don't get from a short run. It is easy to 'knock off' the daily run without eating or drinking or a lot of preparation in advance - but most of the time you have to allow a significant period of time to get the long run done in and prepare with food, drinks, supplements, etc.

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