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Sunday, November 30, 2008

30 Days of Thanksgiving - Day 30 - And So It Ends

I have to admit that I am probably the most grateful tonight to be finished with putting out a new post each day. I felt like I was pretty boring most of the time - hope somebody out there enjoyed it.

The last four days have been very productive for me. I sometimes put off projects for no good reason, and then find out that I made them into much more of a production than they really were. Some of the items I caught up this weekend include:
  • Spending time with my son
  • Cooking a Thanksgiving dinner for all of my family
  • Getting the dishes done from the same Thanksgiving dinner that afternoon
  • Paid all my bills
  • Filed all my bills/papers/statements
  • Organized my computer
  • Took a nap
  • Ran 10 miles
  • Figured out my foot injury and how to let it heal
  • Did a race with my sister
  • Cleaned and oiled my cowboy boots (and replaced the totally shot insoles) - my work will be relieved at this (they tease me about my cowboy boots)
  • Cleaned up my office
  • Taught a primary lesson at church for one of my neighbors
  • Called an old friend
  • Had another Thanksgiving dinner with some other friends (a vegetarian/low sugar dinner)
  • Shot my new pistol
  • Cleaned all my guns
  • Ate too much food (including junk food)


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