Adventures In Running

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I feel Wicked

OK - I have to admit that 2 1/2 months ago I had heard about the musical Wicked and that it was supposed to be great. I had never heard any music from it or knew anything about the story line. As a matter of fact, I really couldn't stand The Wizard of Oz (other than the song Over the Rainbow).

Things changed when Marcia and I were planning our trip to Washington to our nephew's, Ryan Miles, wedding. Marcia called me one night after reading an email from our sister-in-law, Debra, that she was going to see Wicked in Seattle. We decided it would be worth spending the money to go and see it.

Someone at work loaded my iPod with most of the music from the musical, so we could familiarize ourselves with it before the big night. We played it a few times while driving through Washington and Oregon and thought it was pretty good.

Then, on a Sunday evening, a magical event occurred. We saw Wicked and I fell obsessively in love. Once again, the romantic streak in me came out and I was hooked. So was Marcia. For the remainder of our trip, we played the music from Wicked almost every second we were in the car.

Fast forward a few days later. We were back in Utah and needed to make a quick 2 day trip to San Diego and back. I brought the iPod along and we were enjoying the music, but I really also wanted the missing songs. A quick stop at Best Buy in St. George and we had the 5th Anniversary 2 disk version of Wicked's CD.

That kept us going for the two long days of driving.

More obsession followed. Wicked is my constant running companion on my iPods (OK - I have to admit I have 3 of them).

I also bought the awesome Wicked pop-up book.

While Jennifer and Jeremy were staying with me last month, they bought me an early birthday gift of the deluxe leatherbound version of Wicked & Son of a Witch.

Next up for my addiction, I am awaiting delivery of my birthday gift to myself, the Grimmerie.

I would ask for an intervention - but I sure don't want one. Hmmmm - wonder if I can arrange a marathon around seeing Wicked somewhere?

No dignity allowed here...

Today is my birthday. I woke up early and went for an 8 mile run, then talked to Jenn for a few minutes while I was downing my after run protein shake. She and Jeremy bought me a deluxe version of Wicked and Son of a Witch for an early birthday gift while they were there. (More about my Wicked addiction later :) )

Kevin came down as I was heading out to take Twilight on a cooldown walk. He had shown up the night before and spent the night.

After we came back from our walk, Kevin took Twilight up to his room. I thought he had gone up to get my gift. Imagine my surprise when Twilight jumped up on the chair next to me a few minutes later in this getup. I simply could not quit laughing. It is a perfect gift!

He had also bought her a lifejacket. Makes a handy carrying case, doesn't it?

After enough time humiliating the dog, we went out to see The Blind Side and then Bajio's for lunch.

My kids are so sweet!