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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More Porter Rockwell Trail

I was on a mission tonight to find out how long the Porter Rockwell Trail really is. The trail - according to all the literature and Google Earth - supposedly ends at the Bangerter Highway crossing in Draper, but since Leslie and I crossed the road and ran it further, we knew that all that data was out of date.

I started from Bangerter Highway and headed southwest on the trail. It turns out that it runs another 2 miles along the Frontage Road and near the freeway (I-15) and ends up at Geneva Rock by Point of the Mountain. I enjoyed this stretch although it was a bit windy. I was able to run on the side of the trail on gravel, dirt and sand which gave my legs and feet some 'trail time'.

It is important to train on surfaces that you will be racing on. If you are going to do a road race, you have to spend some time running on roads so your body gets used to the pounding. If you are going to do a trail race, you need trail time, so your muscles and joints get used to the softer and constantly varying surfaces.


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