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Monday, January 19, 2009

Jeremy Ranch Road

Leslie, Odee and I decided to go up to altitude and get a break from the inversions down here in the valley. We drove up to Park City and ran the Jeremy Ranch Road from Jeremy Ranch (where the dirt road starts) up to Emigration Canyon and back. We ran together the first half of the run and found that the actual road is 7.3 miles. Les forgot her yak tracks - so had to stay on the side of the road where it was not slippery. The road had been plowed, but was all packed snow and ice. Odee and I were able to run anywhere we wanted (although Odee slipped a lot). I wore my hobnail trail shoes and only felt my shoes slip once on a downhill ice patch.

Les turned back when we hit the pavement, but Odee seemed to want to run on the road, so I took him along for a faster run. However, he got worried about his human mom and turned around to catch up to Leslie. Les had already done 5 miles on the treadmill and was starting to get tired, so she gave me her car keys and I ran faster to get the car and come back for her and Odee. I was probably between 1.25 and 1.5 miles ahead, so didn't have to drive back too far.

We switched vehicles and Les took the dog and headed up to Park City to get some food. She assured me it was all downhill from there. (Liar!). The remaining 1.1 mile on the ice road was almost all gradual uphill and then I got to the main Jeremy Ranch Road and it was also an uphill. What is worse, I looked a mile or so ahead and saw a long, steep uphill. I was praying I didn't have to go up it - but my prayers were not answered. After walking to the top, I ran down the one short, steep downhill, crossed under the freeway and headed to the frontage road to meet Leslie. She picked me up at about 17.75 miles. We ate lunch and headed home.

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