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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Porter Rockwell Trail

Today I went running on the Porter Rockwell Trail in Draper, Utah with my friend, Leslie Peterson. A description of this trail I found online is: The Porter Rockwell Trial starts at the Draper City Park at 1300 east and 12500 south. It follows the Union Pacific railway and ends at about 14500 south Bangerter Highway.

We started out from the Albertsons at 1300 East in Draper. After a nice downhill we turned left onto the start of the Porter Rockwell Trail. I have wanted to run this trail for a long time, but didn't know where it started, so was glad of the opportunity to check it out.

The trail runs between lots of houses. It was a nice trail - about 3 people could run across on it. There was an equestrian trail paralleling a lot of the path. We started out before 7:30 and there were not a lot of other runners on the trail. On the way back, there were a lot more runners - including a group from Team in Training. We ran for an hour (about 4.5 miles) before turning around.

Leslie thought the trail ended at the South Mountain bridge. It turns out that it used to end there at one point in time. After that crossing, the path started doing a series of ups and downs and gradually increased in elevation. The path was clean and shoveled and we did not need to worry about ice. Actually, the only dangerous part of the run was when we crossed a road and the front car would stop for us, but the car in back wasn't paying attention and almost rear ended the other car.

We plan to go back again. We want to find out the full length of the trail and also explore the Draper Canal Trail which branched off from the Porter Rockwell Trail 3 times in the length that we ran.

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