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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Queen's Penguin Trail Half Marathon

I needed to have a 'ramp up' week in mileage to see where I was fitness wise for the 50 miler, so this was the start of it.

There is a trail in Sandy that runs next to the Trax trains. I used to think it only went from 8900 South to 114 South, but one day last week I noticed that the trail continues on the other side of the Trax tracks and wanted to explore it.

From my house down to the start of the paved trail is 1.5 miles. I ran the trail and found the new section to be very nice. It actually goes to 12800 South in Draper, with only one block where you have to run on the road. I threw a couple of blocks on the end to make it 6.75 miles at the turnaround so I would have my half marathon in.

I like this run. Once you are on the trail there are not a lot of uphills and downhills - other than gentle ones. Every 4-8 blocks you have to cross a busy intersection, but most of the time it is not too bad. I also think it could easily be extended because I think the end of the one trail is less than a mile from the start of the Porter Rockwell trail.

Oh - and a bonus - I PR'd by one second from my previous best half marathon time. Not at all bad for a training run.

If you want to know how the trail got its name....I couldn't find a name for the actual trail online and one day while running on it, Leslie noticed a pigeon ahead and commented about 'see the penguin's!' Marion named it the Queen's Penguin Trail in honor of Leslie.

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