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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Twilight makes her official debut

People have been telling me I need to get some puppy pictures up - so here they are!

Here is Twilight shortly after my sister dropped her off. She is a scared little puppy wondering how her world suddenly ended up turning upside down.

By day two she was much more comfortable. Here she is during a 90 minute long play session. (This toy is about 4 inches long) Here are the official 7 week old puppy pics!

My sister spent last night at my house and Twilight was playing up a storm in the late afternoon. She wore herself out so much, she slept all evening. Big mistake on my part - she then wanted to play a lot during the night. Her favorite spot to sleep was in the crook of my neck. If I turned my face away or slept on my stomach, she would get up on the pillow next to me and bark until I turned around so that she could start licking my face again. The only really funny part about it (I was pretty tired from a long run last night) was when she would fall off the pillow.

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