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Saturday, December 20, 2008

My favorite men

Today is December 20th and I would like to honor my two favorite men in my life - my son, Kevin Christopher Lee and my father, John Kenneth Miles. Today happens to be both of their birthdays. Kevin is 19 years old and my dad is 82 years old.

Kevin is such a joy in my life. I always wanted to be a mother and Jennifer was my first treasure given to me and Kevin was my second. I remember my pregnancy with Kevin - I kept telling my doctor that the baby was huge - but only my internist believed me. After endless hours of labor (with no drugs), they finally took Kevin by C-Section and the doctor later apologized that he had gained 2 pounds in a few minutes. Kevin was 9lb 10 oz and about 3 1/2 weeks early. We called him 'Kevin from Heaven' when he was little (or relatively little), and he was such a sweet baby.

When he was a few weeks old he got the first of numerous bouts of pneumonia and bronchitis and would be deathly ill for a week at a time. Finally at 10 months old he was diagnosed with asthma and after a hospitalization at 11 months old he was put on nebulizer treatments. These helped us cope with the sicknesses, but we never really thought he would make it to 5 years old. Finally, at 3 years old we had his tonsils and adenoids removed and it seemed to cure his asthma (although he suffered from croup until he was at least 10 years old).

Kevin has always been an outstanding child. School came too easy for him because he was a genius, but in High School he finally started challenging himself. We could rarely punish Kevin because he was skilled at always making everybody laugh. He has always had a knack of being entertaining and looking at life with a different perspective. Video game champion, scholarship student, marathoner, athlete - a terrific son to have been granted the privilege of raising.

Kevin - thanks for helping me to laugh at life. I've always loved your hugs and you are such a cute kid. You are turning into a terrific adult and I am proud of you.

Then there is my dad. He is a terrific father. He was very supportive of us growing up (as long as it didn't cost money). He set a good example of living the gospel and working hard. My dad put up with a lot of years of emotional and verbal abuse from my mother and his personality has totally changed the last 3 1/2 years as he has been on his own. He has been great at helping me through my divorce and is there for me when I need him. As he has had health struggles in the years since he has retired, both my sister and I have been blessed to be able to be there and help him out. Oh yeah - and where would my dad be without golf (several holes in one) and watching sports on tv. I can't picture dad without those pasttimes.

I love my two favorite men.


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