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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Puppy Prep 101

Friday and Saturday I started in on my puppy prep. I figured it was time to get some of the necessities for my newest addition to the family before she actually arrives (17 days - but who's counting?)....

So far I have:
  • 3 books on dog training
  • A magazine on Yorky puppies
  • 2 different packs of pee pads
  • A set of stairs for my bed for the puppy (courtesy of my sister)
  • A retractable leash
  • Dog brush
  • Regular leash
  • Toenail clippers
  • Baby/Dog gate
  • A dog pad for the tile floor she will be on when I am gone
  • Doggy toothbrush and toothpaste
  • About 6 puppy sized toys
  • 2 puppy outfits
  • Some training treats
  • Some wire for my balcony so the puppy won't fall off (courtesy of my sister)
  • Teething toys
  • 2 water bowls and a food bowl
  • Tray to put the food and water bowls on

My sister is also providing me with:

  • Puppy chow
  • Some shampoo and conditioner
  • A collar
  • A toy
  • A blanket or bed for the puppy
  • The puppy pen they are currently in
  • More piddle pads
  • Twilight the awesome, beautiful, adorable puppy!

I went by my sister's house last night and held Twilight twice. The first time she was pretty scared and kept shaking until I wrapped her in her blanky. The puppies are all getting pretty active - but still clumsy. The first girl went to her new home yesterday morning and all the puppies experienced their first bath.

Later in the evening I came back and picked up Twilight again and she crawled up my chest and started licking my face like crazy. Guess she got used to me again.


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Kristen Miles said...

Twilight! I love the name. I am more of a cat person, but those puppies look beyond cute!