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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Current Reading and Listening Pleasure

Tonight I purchased two new CD's and am listening to them. The first is 5 Stars - Favorites from the 5 Browns. I have read several newspaper articles about the 5 piano playing siblings, but this is my first opportunity to listen to them and I am really enjoying their versions of the songs.

The second CD is Silver Screen Serenade by Jenny Oaks Baker. She is a fantastic violinist and I saw her perform last week at the BYU Homecoming Spectacular. I love songs from movies and I love listening to the violin and this album combines them both. I remember Jenny when she was a little baby back when her parents lived in Chicago and also running into her mother and her when she was young and her father was BYU President. Watching her play last week reminded me of how much I enjoyed watching my daughter learn and progress on the violin and her years with the Utah Youth Symphony.

I have also been reading several books:
I am almost done reading Twilight in Italian. It has taken me a lot longer than when I read it in English - but I can imagine Edward Cullen whispering sweet words to me in Italian this way.

I am also reading the entire Spencer series of books by Robert B. Parker. I really like Spenser because he is quick witted and a bit sarcastic and very funny. He is also resourceful and independent but a bit of a romantic. He kind of reminds me of myself, except I am female and much more intelligent.

I picked up a new book tonight - The Yorkshire Terrier. My sister's Yorkie - Sadie Sue - is going to have puppies in the next week or so and one of them is going to be mine. I am getting so excited. I didn't think I was going to be, but I spend a lot of my running time thinking about where to put the puppy, how to make time to play with the puppy, where the puppy will sleep, etc. Having a small dog will be quite a change. We had a beautiful Siberian Huskie/Australian Shepherd/Mutt dog called Max for 14 years and were so sad to have to put her down. I won't be able to run much with my new dog (unless I put it in a baby carrier) - but will really love having some company around my house.


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michele84084 said...

Yeah for sexy books in Italian and double yeah for new puppies!