Adventures In Running

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Enough with the nagging!

My daughter and some other friends keep telling me that I need to get a blog. I do have a running blog at, but they want something more detailed.

I've tried pointing out to them that I don't have much of a life – but maybe this is their way of having me get one.

A little bit about me:

I am a single (divorced) working mother with two children.

My daughter Jennifer is 21 and lives in Naples, Italy (usually with her husband – but he is deployed at this point in time). They have two children who are living with their mother in the states. So – I have two grandchildren – Elise is 12 and Brad is 10.

My son Kevin is 18 and is attending (and living at) the University of Utah.

I am interested in running, hiking, walking, reading and playing the banjo. Hopefully, as I post about my adventures in all of these interests and about my family, someone, somehow, somewhere will find it interesting.



Kelli said...

re going to be a blogging machine!!! You will never leave the computer---just like me. It is an addiction!!

Marcia said...

nice puppy blog! :-)