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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Speed is Relative

I have never considered myself a fast runner, or walker, or bicyclist, or anything. However, I have always wanted to get faster.

I ran cross country and track in junior high school and was always in last place. I was considered the team motivator because I would never give up, but keep plugging away.

When I started walking marathons in 2004, I found that I could actually walk a pretty fast pace for long periods of time. I often was doing 13 minute miles or better in marathon distances. If the truth be told - I could actually walk faster than I could run.

In the last couple of years I started running more and more of my training. Last year I finally considered myself a runner, but I was still averaging about 14-15 minutes per mile. This year I have started pushing myself more when I run in order to try and speed up. Some days I think it is working. Other days I wonder why I even try.

One of my goals has been to run a 5K (3.1 miles) in under 30 minutes. I have done it on a treadmill, but never on the road. My previous 5K PR (Personal Record) was 31:28 for a short 5K (it was only 2.9 miles) and 32:32 for a full 5K (although on a graded trail).

Today, my friend Leslie and I had our own race. We decided to see if we could break 30 minutes on a downhill course with gravity aiding us. We drove up Millcreek Canyon and parked. I set my Garmin to pace us for a sub 30 minute 5K and we took off. Leslie didn't think she could do the sub 30, but I knew she could so I stayed with her to be a pain and motivate her (plus its funner to not always run alone). We actually set a huge PR of 26:42! We couldn't believe it and felt like queens of the world. I actually didn't push all that hard, so will have to try another 5K to see how fast I can go if I really push my pace.

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704 Studio said...

Hi Maureen! You left a comment on my Fast Running blog and I found your cool blog - nice!

Congrats on running a fast 5k, and am looking forward to more entries,

James (Will)