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Friday, January 15, 2010

Book Series Review: In Death by JD Robb

Initial Disclaimer: I can't believe that in all my years of reading mysteries, I had not heard of this series or read any of these books.

I actually heard about this series in the fall of 2009 in Good Housekeeping magazine where it did a quick review of some recommended romance books. Since I was in a 'romance book' type of mode right then (must have had something to do with all those nieces and nephews getting married), I tried most of them out and was sorely disappointed. Their review of the In Death series mentioned a futuristic New York City cop and I didn't plan to even try these since it was a series of books.

When my sister and I were up in Seattle after Ryan's wedding, we spent a couple of hours in the Seattle Mystery Bookshop and I noticed a trilogy of shorter books from the In Death series in one paperback. I decided to buy it as a trial and then put it in a pile.

One day in October I started reading the books. Big mistake. I got hooked. Put a combination of a tough female cop together with a gorgeous Irish billionaire with a shady past and present and the obsession started. It took a couple of months to get through all 25+ books in the series, but I did it. Eve Dallas is a serious cop, but has her funny, sarcastic moments and often made me laugh. Put her together with Roarke and you had great mystery combined with great romance.

I highly recommend this series.

Final Disclaimer: If you get hooked on it, don't blame me. Just thank me.

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