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Friday, November 2, 2012

The dilemma of Sandy and the NYC Marathon

I am not a political creature - and I usually keep my opinions to myself.  However, there is one article in the news that is really annoying me.

With so much of the East coast being devastated by the effects of Sandy - I cannot believe that the city of New York and the race directors for the New York City Marathon are even considering trying to put on the marathon this Sunday.

Let's see - people are dead or missing, homes are destroyed, electricity and water are not fully restored, airports are still reopening, subways are not fully running, people are battling over gas, Staten Island is being ignored - and the concern is centered around the marathon? 

C'mon people - get realistic.  Yes, losing money is a pain for either the race or the runners.  Training for an event to not occur is frustrating.  What if you broke your foot today?  You would whine, but you would not run.  I cannot believe this is being considered.

The time being spent by the city of New York, the consideration of using the police, fire and medical support to work on a marathon when the city is in crisis...ridiculous. 

What are your thoughts?

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