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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Plantar Fasciotomy anyone

I saw my podiatrist on Thursday and he asked how the foot was feeling from wearing the pressure pad on the orthotic as much as I could.  I told him that the foot still ached most of the time and that I could feel it tearing a lot. It had improved, but not as much as we had hoped.

We talked over options and the plans are for me to undergo a plantar fasciotomy with F.A.S.T. technique on my birthday. (I like to party in style on my birthday and drugs seem reasonable).

This is different than the release technique where they cut the fascia.  Basically, they take a long, hollow needle and poke a bunch of holes in the plantar fascia to get rid of the scar tissue and flush all the bad crap out.  Then - two weeks in a boot and two weeks in a stable shoe with my orthotic and I will be allowed to start running and walking again.

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