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Monday, November 1, 2010

Your Monday Laugh

Ok – so I am technologically advanced in a lot of areas. But when it comes to TV's – I rarely watch mine, so am pretty dumb there.

And – if I need another excuse – I've been stressed between work and training for ultramarathons this summer and fall.

Now for the laugh…

Background: I hardly watch TV. I've probably not turned on my TV since the last Biggest Loser finale show. So, I decided it is stupid to keep paying for DirectTV when I never use it. Sometime in September I cancelled my DirectTV subscription. The company sends you a box, you pack the receiver and remote in the box and mail it back. Ta Da! The first box they shipped to my house was stolen. I requested another box be sent to my office. Stupid company sent it to my house and I was in a rush to get the receiver mailed back, so shipped it off as soon as I could.

Since then, I have watched a couple of shows on the computer, but didn't have any antenna hooked up to the TV, so didn't bother with that. I did try to play the Wii one day with no success. And I tried to watch a movie on my DVD player when I was recovering from the 50 mile race. No luck with both of them.

My brother-in-law put up an antenna in my attic on Thursday night, so now I am trying to get the TV to work. I asked my son on Friday night to get the Wii and DVD player hooked up. A few minutes later he calls me into the bedroom.

Stupid move #1 – I am missing the Wii AVI cable. Apparently I threw that in with the stuff I shipped back to DirectTV.

Stupid move #2 – My son pointed out that I still had the DirectTV receiver on my dresser. Apparently I shipped back the DVD player instead of the DirectTV receiver.

OK – now that you have all had your laugh, I am crawling back into my technologically unsavvy hole.

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Mary said...

Oh, Maurine, you're so cute and funny! I'm so glad you occasionally do goofy things like the rest of us do! Love, Aunt Mary