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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Snow + Mud + Slush + Ice = Fun

Saturday morning I met Leslie Petersen at the Pipeline Trail up Millcreek Canyon for a beautiful fall run. We ran together for the first three miles and caught up on all sorts of things – especially the miracle recovery of her dog as they were taking him in to have him put to sleep. I have never been up the canyon this late in the year and was surprised at the amount of snow and ice at the start of the run. Luckily, I had on trail shoes, but didn't think to bring my winter pair with the hobnails. However, the ice wasn't too bad, so I made it through okay.

We split up after a while since Leslie wasn't planning to run much more than six and my body appeared to be recovering from donating blood a week ago and I wanted to do the entire portion of the trail.

I ran to the overlook without needing to take a drink. About 1.5 miles before the overlook it started to snail (snow + hail) and I was enjoying running in that. At the overlook I drank most of my handheld bottle full of water and decided to see if I could do the entire run without taking in my emergency Gu. I learned a lot on the 50 miler, most especially that the body can handle a lot more than we give it credit for.

It was so nice to be back on trails and enjoying nature. The views were totally different than in the summer since you could see much farther without all the leaves on the trees. What could be better than to start the day out with a 9+ mile trail run?

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