Adventures In Running

Monday, September 6, 2010

What was I thinking :)?

On Saturday I agreed to pace Tara Workman Tulley in next weekend's Wasatch 100 race ( This is a race that starts at the Wilderness Park in Kaysville and runs over (and up and down and around) 100 miles of mountains and ends at the Homestead Ranch past Park City.

I met Tara at a Women's Conference the night before she was going to put in a full day's effort on a treadmill (my 3 miles seem pretty wimpy in comparison). She put out a call for pacer's on Facebook and I talked with her on the phone and agreed to pace her the last 25 miles from Brighton Ski Resort over to the Homestead Ranch. I am excited at my first attempt at pacing, but a little scared at 25 hard miles in the mountains. It seems pretty wimpy compared to the people pushing for 100 miles – but is still intimidating to me.

Anyway, since I agreed to do this, I revamped my running plans for the week. Did not push as hard in my 10K today and I had originally thought I might and will adjust my running so that I have fresh legs on Friday night/Saturday when I will spend between 8-12 hours pushing Tara along.

After the event is over, I will enter another blog post to let you know how it went.

My friend Leslie Peterson is also going to pace Tara for 10-12 miles of the race.

My friend Vic Mason is planning to pace his daughter Christy over the same 25 mile stretch that I will be pacing. I hope I can meet up with him for at least a few minutes on Saturday.


Hollie and Mike Christiansen said...

You mean Christy :) That is AWESOME!! The air at that run is amazing.(amazing people and motivation doesn't run higher) I am stoked for you all and want to feel that air from here!! Good luck!

Maurine Lee said...

Yeah - I shouldn't post when I am tired. It will be awesome to pace. But 25 miles in the mountaint will be tough!