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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Curt Brinkman and the Will to Win

I was reading this morning and noticed an article about Curt Brinkman. I have always admired Curt and actually ran in a race with him back when he was at the top of his career. I was saddened to read that Curt had died on September 7th at a relatively young age.

Curt Brinkman was an athlete. Curt Brinkman was also a wheelchair athlete. Injured by high voltage electricity as a teenager, his life was saved by amputating both of his legs. Rather than give in to the monkey wrenches that had been thrown at his life, he chose to use his changed body to its optimum capacity and to inspire others.

Curt became a wheelchair racer. In 1980 he won the Boston Marathon and became the first wheelchair athlete to break 2 hours in the marathon and also beat the entire field of runners.

How many of us whine when we have nagging injuries or feel sick? How many of us just give in to excuses and give up? Curt Brinkman chose not to do this. Maybe we should all be more grateful for the strong, healthy bodies we have and see just how much we can do ourselves with what we have been given.

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