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Friday, May 21, 2010

Important Office Errand

We had a serious discussion yesterday about two cupcake stores in Utah suing each other and ever since then, some of us have really been craving cupcakes.

Being a Friday afternoon and everyone is really focused on work (no sarcasm here at all), I made a run to the new Sweet Tooth Fairy store in Draper to get some cupcakes.

Don't they look yummy!

Then came the conundrum - we couldn't each just pick one cupcake, so ended up cutting most of them up and sampling a huge variety. We take our food seriously here.

Notice how focused Nancy and Cyndy are on work!?


Jennifer said...

yum yum yum. what flavor rocked your tum the most?

Maurine Lee said...

I think we all agreed the Grasshopper was the best. Although Raspberry Lemonade and Peanut Butter Chocolate were pretty good too.

Kristen Phillips said...

After seeing your blog I stopped by and tried the macaroons there... TO DIE FOR! How dare you post evil sweet shops on your blog. :)

Maurine Lee said...


Kliss said...


The red velvet was the best by far... Thanks again for the treats.

Matt F.