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Monday, April 5, 2010

Don’t try this at home

Easter morning I was making a fruit salad and a Greek salad to take to the family get together at my ex-husband's house. I had everything done except slicing the red onion and stirring the Greek salad together. I decided it was time to use my mandolin to slice the onion.

As I pulled it out of the drawer, I was thinking back to my trip to Georgia and my daughter buying one for her house. My son-in-law, Jeremy, was having too much fun using it and would get a gleam of excitement in his eye as he pulled it out each day. We warned him to use the guard or he would slice his hand.

Can you guess where this is heading? I didn't see the guard, but vowed to be careful. Unfortunately, it only takes a momentary loss of concentration and then you are saying, "Oh crap!". I knew the moment I did it that I had done a thorough job on my right thumb.

Finger wrapped in a towel, my son was called upon to finish assembling the salad. Then he had to put on a pressure bandage so I could take a bath.

Five hours later, we could not get the bleeding to stop and I was feeling very light headed, so my son dropped me off at the Emergency Room on our way home. Silver Nitrate to cauterize the wound (and a horrible injection of lidocaine that doubled the size of my thumb) and I was sent home two hours later.

Can I just go back in time and skip the one stupid move that caused this awesome adventure?


Johann said...

Ouch! I hope it heals quickly. That injection sounds awful.

Maurine Lee said...

Thanks, Johann!

Cherie said...

Ooh! That sucks. Kristen did that once with a knife too and had to put that silver nitrate. Cool thing I learned when I cut off the tip of my finger is that the finger prints grow back! :)