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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Twilight’s Vacation (hee hee)

Twilight took a 9 day vacation up to hang with her mother at my sister's house. I needed to travel for work and help at a Swedish Weaving Convention and Marcia and Gary were willing to watch her for me (I can't thank them enough).

She was a little stressed the first day to be surrounded by her mom (Sadie) and new puppy cousins (Bella, Sirius, Sabrina), but adapted after a couple of days. Little did she (or Marcia) know that she was in for even more fun the next weekend when they were joined by 5 more yorkie puppies that Marcia watched. Talk about going to the dogs!

When I got her back home, she ran up and jumped on our bed and sprawled on her back and just seemed to sigh with happiness that she was home where she belonged.

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