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Sunday, October 18, 2009

10/5-10/9 – Michigan Trip

My company sent me back to Livonia, Michigan for most of a week for intensive MySQL database immersion for our next version of our application – called Performance Pro 3. I went back twice last year with my boss, Michele Lindsay, but this time was going solo. Lots of good meetings and lots of knowledge transfer.

While I was there, the fall leaves were in full color, so I got a couple of good runs in (not counting the treadmill runs). On my previous trips, I had found that the roads near our hotel don't have shoulders or sidewalks, but did some exploring and found that the freeways have paved bike/running trails next to them. They are actually only about 20 feet away, but have a row of trees and bushes separating the trail from the road. The trail runs right behind our hotel and I enjoyed running along the trail two afternoons in bright, sunny weather and enjoying the beautiful leave colors.

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