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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Final Post Surgery Follow-up

Saw Dr. Steve again today. We discussed my current methods for increasing my running and he says I have a valid plan – just need to increase slowly. And stay off hills for another month. I have been cleared for skiing, cross country skiing and snowshoeing in moderation too.

He did an ultrasound of the Plantar Fascia on the left foot and he says that it is considered Plantar Fasciitis when the PF is 25 mm in width or more. Mine is currently 20 mm and so I am well on the way to healing. Still some swelling around the PF – but not a lot. So I need to keep doing what I am doing.

Still looks good for doing the Buffalo Run 50K in March. It might be a slogfest – but I should be able to make it through if I build up slowly.

The bad pain I had last week that was depressing me so much was from a lift to ease some tension in the Achilles Tendon. He agreed that my decision to quit using the lift was a correct one.

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