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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fourth of July trail adventure

With nothing to do on July 4th other than work, I decided to take some time to check out new trails.

Early on July 4, I drove up towards Park City to Lambs Canyon. My plan was to hike up Lambs Canyon, run down to Millcreek Canyon and then reverse my course. All this would be on trails I had never been on before.

About 1 mile up the canyon, I decided I was not in uphill shape and needed to do a lot more work on that. The uphills were really kicking my butt. For the most part I was able to keep going without having to take breaks, but my heart was working overtime.

Remembered I had not told anyone where I was going, so I left a message for my daughter when I had cell service at the top. I had a beautiful run down into Millcreek Canyon. I was feeling ambitious (silly me) and decided I would throw in the climb up Mt. Aire for even more vertical. About 1/2 mile up Mt. Aire - I decided that I had enough fun and headed back down.

The climb up Millcreek Canyon towards Lambs Canyon was really killing me this time. To make it worse, my new Garmin was not recording time, so I had no idea how much farther I had to go. It felt like I stopped every 100 steps or so (sometimes less) to rest and catch my breath.

It was sure nice to get to the top and start the run back down to my Jeep. Lots more people to visit with on the trails the second time and the run down was beautiful.

The next two days I became even more aware of how little uphill and downhill I had done. My quads and calves were toast and I could hardly walk for the next two days. Small price to pay for a fun run though.


Mary said...

Okay, Another gold star! I don't know how you do it, but I am really proud of you! Love, Auntie M

Hollie and Mike Christiansen said...

Sounds like it was fun...besides the lack of oxygen I am excited to come and hit some of those trails this summer. Well, maybe not those exact trails...but trails never the less. Keep up the hard and 'fun' work!! :)