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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Expensive Faceplant

On May 5th, I went running on the Pipeline Trail with Leslie Peterson. The plan for the day was to do the first 9.4 miles together after which Leslie was going to head home and I was going to do the second 9.4 miles alone.

It started out as a great day. We were having fun running together and visiting. It was a bit cool at the start and we both hung our jackets up on trees about 2.5 miles in on the trail. People do this all the time on an out and back. It is accepted behavior.

We reached the overlook in good time and headed back. We passed the point where I thought I had left my jacket and I started to suspect my new running top had been taken by someone. When we found Leslie's older jacket on its tree - my suspicions were verified. This really ticked me off - I hate that I can't trust other runners, bikers and hikers because usually they are a very trustworthy lot.

As we approached the end of the first out and back, I was feeling strong and moving along well. With probably only 100 yards left, I suddenly found myself face down on the trail and thinking how bad my chest hurt. I don't know if I caught a rock, a root, or just a toe, but did a nasty faceplant. Dug myself out of the dirt and brushed off what I could. My upper left thigh, left upper chest and left hand hurt a lot. Looked down and the face of my Garmin was shattered.

Hobbled to my Jeep and had Leslie clean the blood off my hand and I pulled off the loose skin and we bandaged it up. I was determined to get in my next loop because I was hoping to do a race in less than two weeks and needed to see where I was at. I assured Les I was fine (silly me) and set off on round two while she headed home.

I did a lot more run/walk breaks on the next trip back to the overlook. I remember thinking that I probably bruised my pectoral muscle in the fall because it was bothering me some. Hit the overlook and turned back for the last stretch. About 200 yards after the overlook, I suddenly felt awful. I started walking and realized that I had probably been in shock and was going into more shock. Running made my upper leg and chest hurt really badly, so I knew I had to walk out.

I was a bit concerned in case I went into serious shock, so called my daughter in Georgia to let her know I was hurt and walking out and if she didn't hear from me in about 2 hours, to call for help. I must not have looked too bad because I passed all sorts of people who cheerfully talked to me. The last mile and a half were pretty bad, but I managed to finish.

As I drove home, I knew I was going downhill, but I called Jenn to let her know I was out of the canyon. Stopped to get a couple of meals in case I couldn't make it out for a few days.

I remember dragging myself into my kitchen and realizing I couldn't get off my compression socks or running bra because I couldn't lift my arm. Finally ended up calling a neighbor who came over and helped me. She wanted to take me to the hospital but I refused and told her I hadn't hit my head. After cleaning up and laying down for a while, I knew I needed to get some more help, so drove myself to Instacare. There was a very deep contusion over most of my upper thigh, hand just needed some disinfecting and taping. Xrays showed the ribs were not broken, but just bruised. They put me in a sling to keep me from hunching over and to protect the ribs.

So much for a race in a few weeks. Plus, between the stolen jacket, broken Garmin, xrays, medical bills and prescription - this turned into a very expensive run.

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