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Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Goofy Challenge

This week my daughter and I signed up for races in January, 2011 at DisneyWorld. Jennifer is going to be training for and running her first ever half marathon. I am thrilled about the idea of running an endurance race with her. I trained for the St. George Marathon in 2007 with my son, Kevin and am so happy to be having this chance to run with Jenn.

I will be doing the Goofy Challenge. DisneyWorld has a half marathon on Saturday. This is the race Jenn and I will be running. We are planning a nice time of 3 hours which should not be too hard for a novice half marathoner and should not stress my legs too much. For finishing that race, we will get a Donald Duck finisher's medal. Then, on Sunday morning is the DisneyWorld Marathon. Jenn will be supporting me in this race and I will be enjoying a marathon at sea level. For finishing this race, I will get a Mickey Mouse finisher's medal. For finishing the two races in two days for a total of 39.3 miles, I will then get another Goofy medal – hence the Goofy challenged.

This trip will be a combined marathon event and also time spent with the Merkley clan in Richmond Hill/Savannah, Georgia. So neat to already have a race on the schedule for 2011. Plus, it will be my first race after moving up into the next age group bracket.

Bring it on!

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