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Friday, July 9, 2010

Training Update

I can't believe I haven't posted for an entire month. I really should be ashamed of myself. But – I have to admit I just haven't been all that motivated.

The running training has gone well. I am lifting weights 2-3 times a week to get my muscles well balanced and increase my metabolism. I am running regularly and more consistently than in the past. In June I tried to have 3 or 4 of my regular runs be 6 miles or more in length. This week I upped that to 7 miles for my daily runs. I will probably hold at 7 miles until the beginning of September and then determine if I want to go up to 8 miles at a time. It seems like it was somewhere in the 7-8 mile range that I started pushing injuries last year and I want to avoid that problem this year.

The ankle is feeling pretty darn good. I get some twinges when I walk in flats or barefoot for too long, but no pain at all during runs. I think I want to start throwing more trail running in and get my ankles even stronger from the proprioception increases my legs get running on uneven surfaces.

I will be posting several updates this weekend and then want to get back to averaging at least one fitness posting each week.

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