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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Making friends while running

There is something about running together that allows you to get to know people on a level that is just not possible in any other way. You see the real person and share thoughts that you might never share if you just hang out together.

Running is also a great way to make friends. Last weekend one of the Vice-Presidents from our Wichita branch came to town for meetings. She was training for her first sprint triathlon and wanted to know some running areas. I made plans to run with her on Sunday and Monday evenings.

Sunday she called to let me know her plane would be getting late, so we put off that run and agreed to talk on Monday. Monday evening I took Lea Ann over to the Jordan River Parkway. We did a 4 mile run. Since it was 5 p.m. and in the mid-90's, the run was pretty hard on her and she couldn't tell if it was asthma or the altitude that was making it hard to breathe.

Tuesday morning we ran again. I picked her up at the hotel and took her down to the Trax trail and showed her some of my favorite runs there. It was much better with the heat not yet affecting us that day.

Wednesday morning we did a shorter run before she flew home to Kansas. I brought Twilight along and took her over to Wheeler Farm. We did 2 easy miles on the trails and I think she enjoyed the nature run better than some of the other runs - even though they were not on roads.

I have another co-worker in Michigan that I talk running with and we are making plans to run together either on my next trip to Michigan or his next trip to Utah. It is fun to get to know people outside of the work atmosphere. That is - when it is someone you actually like. :)


Johann said...

Agree with you 100%. I have many running friends and it's always special to run with them.

RaYnA said...

Hello! I found you through Jennifer on facebook. I am so excited to follow your training for Disney World.

Maurine Lee said...

Johann - thanks for your comments.

Rayna - welcome. Please feel free to ask questions.