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Thursday, December 31, 2009

… Funeral

I spoke to soon with my last blog post. Rounded up the year with a funeral. Not a family member, but a tragic loss for lots of loved ones.

Jason Roden passed away on December 24th. We met Jason 20 years ago when he was stationed at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center in Illinois. He was a teenager father with a wife and son to support.

His heart gave out on Christmas Eve. A combination of causes, but probably a lot due to not taking as much care of his body as he could through the years and ending up with uncontrolled Type I Diabetes. Now he left behind a large family, including a wife, 20 year old Tyler (from his first marriage) and two little girls.

My boss/friend, Michele Lindsay and I were talking the other week about how we have so much knowledge available to us about health and the things we need to do, but many people don't want to put any effort into it. I know I am guilty of my junk food obsession – but I try to keep it under control.

Jason's death had me thinking about my desire to keep my body healthy and strong so that I have many years ahead of me. I want to stay in good shape and be able to live and do the things I want to do without using my physical condition as an excuse. And I want to hang around to spoil grandbabies and annoy my kids for a long time more. J

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