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Saturday, December 19, 2009

4 Weddings and a .....

2009 has been a big year for weddings in our family. All the nieces and nephews are growing up, but usually we only have one wedding or so each year.

This year we had four weddings. All starting in August. All children of my two brothers.

My oldest nephew (Kerry's son), Jon Miles, married Janalee in August. I had the privilege of having Jon live with me (okay - he actually slept at the house at night) for a couple of months before the wedding. They were married here in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Then, on Labor Day weekend, another nephew (Regan's son), Ryan Miles, married Brittni up in Olympia, Washington. I was able to make it to that wedding too and enjoyed more time with my family.

After a couple of months reprieve, on December 12th, my niece (Kerry's daughter), Kristin Miles, married Bryce Phillips up in Portland, Oregon. I wasn't able to make that wedding, but enjoyed their Elf Dance on Facebook.

Today was the final wedding (we hope!) of the year. Another nephew (Regan's oldest son), Jeff Miles, married Karen in American Fork, Utah. Another great day with family. Probably the most we have seen each other for years.

This is one way to have a family reunion without the painful party games. :)

Thankfully - there have been no funerals.

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Brenda said...

What an eventful year for your family. That sounds like you have had a lot of fun.