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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mueller Park Trail with the Front

On June 23rd, I joined met a trail running group (Dirt Tours with the Front) and ran the lower half of the Mueller Park Trail in Bountiful. We ran the 3.4 miles up to Elephant Rock and back. I was able to meet Matt (aka Twinkies) from the FastRunningBlog and he mentioned he was doing the Logan Peak Trail Run next Saturday.

I ended up running the first 2 ½ miles with Lindsay Lauck who was there with her husband Ryan and their puppy. Lindsay and I were talking about the Logan Peak run and I think we both talked ourselves into doing it because we had similar speed and would be able to support each other during the uphill sections. After Lindsay and Ryan turned around I continued up the trail to the Elephant Rock turnaround and then enjoyed the run back down.

The canyon was nice and green and you had to dodge some bikers – but not as many as other runs up there. I did meet up with two dirt bikers and didn't particularly enjoy the racket of their engines up there in the mountains.

About ½ mile before the end of the trail I rounded a corner and scared a deer that was on the trail about 5 feet in front of me (I think she was more scared than me). She bounded off, but was a pretty sight to see.

Driving down towards the freeway I was also treated to a beautiful sunset over the Great Salt Lake. The sun was going down right between Antelope Island and Freemont Island and I was able to enjoy the view the entire drive down. God has sure created some beautiful things in nature and I am sure lucky enough to get to experience some of them first hand.

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