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Friday, September 27, 2013

Night Running

I haven't done much running at night on trails.

Back when I lived in Layton, Utah – I ran a couple of Christmas Eve runs on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail with my neighbor, Vic Mason. And I did a few night hikes with no lights or anything when I was furious at someone and needed to get away.

Two years ago I ran a part of the Buffalo Run 50K after dark when I was running the race a day early in order to be able to volunteer the next day.

Tuesday night I got together with a new Facebook friend, Adriana Vars, and ran the Pipeline Trail after dark. I have to admit that we ran together for over 2.5 hours and I don't know what she looks like – it was that dark.

Beautiful night to run. Good company and good weather. We had a lot of wind at times – turns out it was bringing in snow that night.

I really enjoyed the views of the lights in the valley as we ran out on the trail. So pretty and sparkling. Made it worth the late night run.

I'm going to try to join in on some more night runs and get more comfortable with trails in the dark. Not sure I will totally get over being concerned about running alone after dark – but it should be better with people I know around.

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