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Sunday, March 11, 2012

My name is Maurine – and I’m an addict

I'm holding an intervention with myself today and starting a new journey back to life today and ask your support and friendship as I go on this journey.

What am I addicted to? Junk food and unhealthy eating. I could probably throw not loving myself in on top of that.

In 1998 I joined Weight Watchers and did a great job of losing weight. The day I met my goal weight (under 130 pounds) I went out and celebrated with my sister and promptly started the journey back to being heavy again.

In 2007 and I found myself at 172 pounds. I had never been that heavy – even during pregnancies. Thanks to Lorin and Lifelong Fitness, by 2008 I was in top shape and under 140 pounds and racing well (for me). Then I had a hysterectomy and moved to Sandy, Utah and lost most of my friends and support group. Add to that a trip to Italy where I had to enjoy all the wonderful food and I started the slow slip up to being out of shape again.

I know some of you tell me that I am not heavy or won't feel any sorrow for me because you are even heavier – but for me, as a runner and a person – I am overweight and out of shape.

In December, 2011 I was told that I have high cholesterol. Have I done anything about it? Not really. I tried giving up junk food completely for two weeks in January and then ate even more junk food to make up for it.

For the last four weeks I have been miserably sick. It took three antibiotics to get myself feeling better – and I'm still not sure I have licked this completely. I self medicated myself and gained 5 pounds in that month from feeling sorry for myself and eating crap. Lots of crap.

Today – I am starting the year out anew. I can't give up my addictions totally, but I can admit them, confront them and control them.

This afternoon I will be posting my starting pictures and my starting measurements. By 2013 I am going to be in the shape I need to be for life and for running enjoyment. I am going to teach myself to eat properly and treat myself reasonably.

Welcome to my transformation journey.


Mary said...

I'm proud of you! Anything I can do to help? I've gone back to Weight Watchers. Would you like to join me, or doesn't that give you what you need? I admire your courage and strength! Love you! Auntie M

Marciah said...


Anonymous said...

I will definitely follow your progress closely. I already really admire your dedication to running. I could certainly use a nice swift kick in the rear when it comes to getting healthy! Good luck in your journey towards a very healthy life.

sleepless said...


Marcia said...

I am Marcia and I am at the same point. Let's get healthy together!