Adventures In Running

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Taking an idea and "running" with it

Thanks to Jim Kern for a great idea!

While volunteering at the Pony Express Trail Run in October, Jim Kern showed me his organizer for running supplies. I thought it was brilliant, so created two small versions of the same thing so that I can keep one in my car and have one as a backup. They have similar but not identical contents.

Container: Tool box

Top Layer: Container for holding S Caps, eyedrops, lap counter (for Olympic Ice Oval), emergency headlamp, blister pads, corn pads, alcohol wipes, ginger chews, S Caps, Ibuprofen, small lubricant packs, emergency electrolyte tablets.

Layer 2: Roctane gus, regular gus, shot blocks, kleenex.

Layer 3: handwarmers, various sizes of coban wrap, various types of tape, emergency water bottle, electrolyte powder, KT tape, bag of emergency TP, doggy waste bags (useful for dog and other purposes)


Johann said...

Thanks for posting this! It is so awesome. I'm using this for sure!

Seth Wold said...

That is a great way to have all your running garb readily accessible. Thanks for sharing.