Adventures In Running

Friday, June 10, 2011

Biking to Work

I've been meaning to start riding my bike to work when the weather was good. The problem is – I started to wonder if the weather would ever be good. How many days in a row do we have to have rain? I don't remember moving to Seattle!

Anyway – the rain finally eased up for a few days and my son has been having car problems, so I have ridden my bike to work two of the last three days. A bit chilly in the morning – but it is a good way to get the blood flowing and I only live 2 ½ miles from the office.

A couple of issues the first day – found one of my brake cables was not working on the way in. Luckily the back break was working and I didn't do a face plant. And on the way home my backpack strap got caught on the seat so I couldn't get up into the saddle. But I now have a nice new helmet (not one of the old bucket ones) and I am in the groove – so hopefully this trend will continue and I can get more exercise and save on gas.

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