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Sunday, October 3, 2010


I love Tarzan of the Apes. I can't really explain it, but I have wanted to be Tarzan when I grew up for as long as I can remember (still do).

I'm not into tattoos – but if I ever got a tatto – it would be something like this:

One of my all-time favorite books is Tarzan of the Apes. I have owned and read the entire series by Edgar Rice Burroughs. But the book shown below I have read probably close to 100 times.

I have Tarzan toys. Tarzan movies. Tarzan radio broadcasts. My online name is usually either Tarzan or some variation on that name.

While my sister and I were volunteering at the Ironman St. George Triathlon on May, she noticed that Tarzan the Musical was going to be playing at the Tuacahn Ampitheater the night before the St. George Marathon. We immediately made plans to see this show.

October 1st finally came. We made our road trip down to St. George, Utah. After our visits to the marathon expo and spaghetti dinner, we headed off to Ivins to find the Tuacahn Ampitheater and see Tarzan. I had my picture taken in a Tarzan cardboard display. I set off to find any Tarzan marketing items. Major score! Since the show was in its final days, I was able to get a t-shirt and cap for 50% off!

Marcia had got us second row seats. They were awesome. We got a close-up of the entire production – but most of all Tarzan! (sigh). I loved the entire show. It was different than I expected, but really worth it. Probably even more awesome outside because the special effects with water flowing over the stage and Tarzan swinging in from way behind the stage and the side sections of the play while they changed scenery were incredible.

Tarzan was cute as a kid and a hunk as a grown-up. I still want to be Tarzan.

Oh – and as a benefit – Tarzan and all the apes wore Vibram FiveFingers!

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