Adventures In Running

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Going through withdrawals

I wish I was posting more adventures in running, but I haven't really had any lately.

As I mentioned previously, I injured my right ankle back in November. Started having a burning sensation in the back of my ankle, but not on the bottom of my foot. I took a week or so off of running, and it started feeling a little better, so gradually eased back into running. In December I went and saw a Sports Medicine Specialist who told me that my Achilles tendon insertion was inflamed, so to stretch, ice, and put on a topical anti-inflammatory. He also said I could keep running on it as long as I took it easy.

By January I was only running 3 or 4 days a week. Once the ankle warmed up, I could run with no problems, but the first few miles were pretty painful. Come February, I would have to force myself to run and every time I got up after sitting a while, I would limp for about 10 minutes until the pain eased and the ankle loosened up. While running in Georgia, I started thinking that maybe it wasn't the Achilles after all and that maybe I should see a podiatrist or someone else about the foot.

Two weeks ago, I got an appointment with a podiatrist. This doctor did some xrays and a lot of manipulation of my foot and as he was feeling for sore areas in the Achilles, he happened to brush his hand along the inner ankle bone and I about shot through the ceiling. After more tests, the doctor decided that my posterior tibialis tendon was inflamed. Because of the number of months I had been injured and the pain I was in, the doctor decided to put me in a knee high boot to try and let the ankle heal. He also said that I actually needed to be on anti-inflammatories to let the inflammation go down.

Two weeks later, I have worn the boot except when bathing and sleeping. The pain is gradually subsiding and I am now finding that as the 'burning' in the ankle goes away I can pinpoint the pain better. I think the anterior tibialis tendon on the outside of the ankle is also inflamed because that area is now more painful.

I was also given a brace that would support my arch and told to try running after two weeks. I wore that yesterday and was surprised how much my calf muscle has deteriorated in just two weeks. After less than two miles of alternating running and walking, I have decided that I will have to miss the Buffalo Run next weekend for the first time since it started.


Marion said...

WOW!! Man, that is just a total crapper about your ankle but WOW, it is SO great that you have got it figured out! Heal baby heal! Geeze Louise!
I am sorry about he buffalo run :(
I fantasize about a world where we can just run and run and run... :) All of this CRAP sure makes those wonderful runs worth a million bucks!

Maurine Lee said...

Thanks, Marion. I guess this will be one of my challenges for the year. I've already arranged to volunteer at the Buffalo Run on Saturday.

Johann said...

That's bad news. Good luck with your recovery! Hope you are back on the road soon.