Adventures In Running

Saturday, November 21, 2009

No dignity allowed here...

Today is my birthday. I woke up early and went for an 8 mile run, then talked to Jenn for a few minutes while I was downing my after run protein shake. She and Jeremy bought me a deluxe version of Wicked and Son of a Witch for an early birthday gift while they were there. (More about my Wicked addiction later :) )

Kevin came down as I was heading out to take Twilight on a cooldown walk. He had shown up the night before and spent the night.

After we came back from our walk, Kevin took Twilight up to his room. I thought he had gone up to get my gift. Imagine my surprise when Twilight jumped up on the chair next to me a few minutes later in this getup. I simply could not quit laughing. It is a perfect gift!

He had also bought her a lifejacket. Makes a handy carrying case, doesn't it?

After enough time humiliating the dog, we went out to see The Blind Side and then Bajio's for lunch.

My kids are so sweet!